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  • This is my radio amateur Wiki WWW.PA7ELF.NL
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  • 73's Bart Volgers

My HAM station

Currently on HF, I am operating a homebuilt uSDX with 5 watts output, which is super fun to work with! (Thanks to my brother PG0V for all the soldering :-) The antenna is a 10-metre wire, coupled to a Yaesu FC-707 tuner.

I have been licensed for quite some time, but was QRX for a long time. I became active again, when my brother Gerrit PG0V got his licence. Together we have a lot of fun repairing old analogue sets, building new modern SDR gear and talking to each other in as many different ways as we can think of, ranging from, VHF repeaters, 40-metre QRP and the VHF/UHF ISS repeater.

My temporary HF setup on the workbench in the attic, my 5 Watt uSDX in the middle, on the right my FC-707 tuner, on the left my old Mac with my QRZ log, with which I have a lot of fun making QSOs all over Europe :-)

My VHF / UHF rig's Kenwood TS-900 for 2 metres and dubious Alinco a so-called Bah-linco ;-) for 2 metres and 70 centimetre reapeters. Vintage IC-202E in the middle. The FT-707 on the right is a work in progress, we plan to mount a new FET HF PA soon. Bottom left, relay box for antenna switching, old 20 amp analogue power supply and my old HP2015 laser printer.

My Ham history

  • VHF licence since 15-12-1980 (Dutch C licence for VHF and above)
  • Ful licence since 10-11-1986 (Dutch A licence including CW @12 wpm)
  • I was QRX for a while and reactivated my licence and HAM station in 2021

Articles on this wiki

My logbook

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